Hello, my name is Jennifer and welcome to my blog, The Chronicles of Jen.








Here, I will write about everything and anything life throws at me. As someone who suffers from chronic illnesses, my goal is to reach others in the same situation and have them feel validated and supported by my posts.


I have a genetic disorder (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) among other chronic illnesses that often go hand in hand. I spend a lot of time in bed on my computer, and I felt like a blog would be a great way to reach others going through similar things!


Why did I start a blog? I don’t really know…

If I’m being honest, the main reason is probably that I’m one of those people who hoards amazing leather journals but is too scared to write in any, since the fear of messing up and ruining the entire thing hovers over every pen stroke. However, I have a lot of thoughts which occasionally may be interesting to others. Especially related to being young and dealing with debilitating illnesses. In a world where everyone shares what they’re eating for lunch, why not share things that are at least somewhat more meaningful?

Enjoy 🙂